Doggy Dental Care

Due to the rise in dental disease among dogs, home dental care must become a higher priority for pet owners. Though home dental care is extremely important for the health of your beloved doggy friend, remember that serious dental issues must always be brought to the attention of your veterinarian.

Bones and rawhide chew toys are great for developing dental health in dogs, as chewing the tough material cleans hard-to-reach places between teeth and can even prevent or reverse periodontal disease. An occasional raw beef bone is a wonderful treat to keep your dog’s teeth clean and free from the formation of plaque from the build up of bacterial organisms.

Smaller dogs have teeth that are smaller and closer together may require more diligent monitoring for plaque build-up and damage or decay.

Toothbrushes are available to give Fido’s teeth a scrub, but pet owners must take care to use a soft, bristled brush in order to get beneath the gum line, where most periodontal disease begins. Doggy toothbrushes are to be used with special kinds of pastes recommended by the veterinarians for home use on your dogs, as human toothpaste and baking soda can actually harm your dog. Luckily, veterinarian-recommended toothpaste comes in flavours that your dog will love. We humans appreciate having minty-fresh breath, but your furry friend would probably prefer a toothpaste in beef or chicken – yum! Good doggy dental hygiene begins with a daily brushing.

Specially prepared food is available in pet stores to remove tartar and plaque from the teeth, and while it may cost a few extra dollars, this specially-formulated food may be worth it to protect your dog’s health. Dry dog food and toys that are specially made to add strength to the teeth are often used at home for better teeth cleaning.  Dental wipes are also available and may be used carefully at home. These help to remove more plaque and the tartar in addition to daily brushing and the inclusion of teeth-cleaning treats into your dog’s diet. Check out Bow Meow Pet Centre’s selection of products to assist with your dog’s dental health.

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