Dogs and Children

You love your children more than anything and want to make them happy. One of the natural things parents do is purchase their children a dog, as a dog will be your child’s constant companion and will provide hours of fun and adventures that will become fond memories as your child grows older – what parent wouldn’t want such an enriching relationship for their child? Unfortunately, we hear news stories all the time of dogs attacking children. Should you change your mind completely?

The good news is that most dogs really are “man’s best friend” and you probably won’t have to deal with that situation. Most dogs naturally love people and are extremely protective of children. So, even though there are some sad cases it’s unlikely that you should abandon your dog buying ideas quite yet.

What you do need to think about is that your children need to be in a protected environment so you don’t have to worry about things like this happening. These safety precautions can mean the difference between saving the life or your child and dealing with personal tragedy.

1. Never leave young children alone with a dog. Children who are aged six and below might not make the best choices when it comes to interacting with pets. If your child harms the pet they might act out as their natural instincts tell them to. Think of your dog as another child who doesn’t quite know right from wrong and act accordingly.

2. Many people like to roughhouse with their dogs. This is a lot of fun for humans and pets but is potentially harmful. What starts out as simple fun can actually make your dog angry. This is very important to follow if your dog is a breed that is known to be a natural born fighter or if your dog is large. If your child is trying to play rough with the dog (of any breed) they might get knocked over and injured if not harmed in a worse way.

3. Make sure your dog has received the very best in dog training. Some people skip this step altogether but it is absolutely necessary. A professional trainer or professional resources can ensure that your dog knows what is right and what is wrong and obeys your commands.

Even if you think it’s impossible for aggression to occur in your canine, sadly, it can happen. Your children should come first so it’s important to follow these steps to have the best outcome. If your dog is improperly trained or you haven’t taken all of the necessary precautions, then you will not get the peace of mind you need when your dog is around your child. Don’t let that happen to you by taking action today. Your children and your dog can be best friends with little trouble at all.

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