How Long Will My Dog Live?

Many people are concerned with how long their dog is expected to live. Some people guess by thinking of their age in dog years. It’s important to know that the actual life expectancy is based on a variety of things that many people are not aware of.

Some of these factors include the dog’s breed, size, and environment. There are other things that make a difference in how long your dog will live as well. The diet you feed him and whether or not there are any health problems plays a role as well.

Certain breeds like Chihuahua dogs are expected to live between fifteen and sixteen years. Dogs that are a bit larger like Border Collies are only expected to life between ten and thirteen years. As you look at dogs that are even larger like the Great Dane they are only expected to live between seven and eight years.

If you’re confused about how long your dog is expected to live you might want to use an online breed calculator. These give surprisingly accurate results based on the size and breed of dog.

If you still want to calculate your dog’s age in dog years you might know that popular theory has that one human year is the same as seven dog years. As you’ve probably guessed, this is not an accurate calculation because different dogs age at different speeds. The calculation comes in because when a dog is one year old they are considered to be full grown and at their peak mental and physical condition.

In fact, only 8% of dogs live past fifteen years and 16% of them die because of things like heart disease and cancer. This is a significant difference from the way humans carry out their lives, as many humans can live with incurable diseases due to advanced medical care. Some consider this to be one major reason you can’t expect to compare dog years and human years.

As long as your dog doesn’t get any diseases you might not even see the effects of aging in your dog for quite some time. When you do start to notice it you’ll likely see a decrease in activity levels. Your furry friend might also sleep longer than ever before.

Some dogs also experience a downturn in their skin condition, appetite, and might even lose their teeth. Hearing and vision loss are not uncommon either. These are parallel to the signs of aging that occur in humans as well. While there are some medications for dogs, there are far more for humans that save lives and extend life expectancy.

Even though dogs and humans are quite different they do experience some of the same things when they age. Though you can’t specify the difference in age and expectancy with an exact formula, it is possible to make some educated guesses based on the information that is available.

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